Most tourists fly in and out of Cairo International Airport (CAI).  The airport is 18 miles from downtown Cairo.  If you are flying from the U.S., you will probably stop over somewhere in Europe before heading on to Cairo.Most European tourists will fly directly to Hurghada on a charter flight.

The flight time from England or Ireland is about five hours.  From the east coast of the United States, it takes about ten hours.  The west coast of the United states takes an additional six or seven hours.  Most flights feature in-flight movies, television, trivia and video games.  Some combination of this entertainment with a good book, a good nap, and a good chat with a friend will make the flight a mostly enjoyable experience.

To get from Cairo to Hurghada takes an additional few hours.  You can do this by taking  a bus or flying (the best option if you can afford it).  A one-way bus ticket costs £e55. Buses to Hurghada depart from Targoman Station. there are regular scheduled flights from Cairo to Hurghada - book online with egyptair the journey takes less than an hour and costs about £70.

There are also charter flights into Hurghada airport from a variety of European destinations (including the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe) and direct scheduled flights to London with British Airways once a week (due to increase to twice a week in November) and to Germany (Air Berlin), another Low cost carrier easyJet operate a twice weekly flight from London Gatwick.

You will need Dollars or Euros/Pounds. Visa's can be purchased on arrival at Hurghada airport at a cost of $25 or the equivalent in an acceptable alternative currency.
Paying in anything other than $'s is often a good introduction into how exchange rates are 'swung' (i.e. FIDDLED) to favour the seller!! Know what the current rate is before you get there! is one site that shows the official rates

There is a cash machine after arrivals and plenty in Hurghada itself where you can draw Egp Pounds out. You can use any currency you like usually in Hurghada, but if you use Egp then at least you have an idea about what you are spending and not being ripped off with spurious exchange rates. Sometimes things will be marked in dollars or Euros, but they will always offer you the egp equivalent or any currency.