You can buy a single entry visa on arrival to Egypt. EVERYONE needs to buy a visa regardless of which resort in the Hurghada area you are staying at. You will not be allowed through Passport Control without one. 

Tour reps may try and "bully" people into buying a visa from them when you arrive at the airport and will try and direct you to their own desks. However, don't let them bully you and instead proceed to the bank desk. On landing at the airport, you will be transported by buses or airbridge to the Arrivals Hall. If you are arriving at the NEW terminal "TERMINAL ONE" take the escalator to the first floor where you will see the bank desks to your RIGHT and the reps desks to your LEFT. The "Bank kiosks" are the ones you need to go to for your Visa at the official price of $25 dollars.Hand over either the correct fee of $25 per person or the GBP equivalent - see here LIVE - $25 equivalent in Sterling at TODAY's rate If you pay in Sterling they may ask for more or may give you some small change depending on what the exchange rate is

If you go to the rep's desk, they will charge more ($30 or £25 as of Oct 2016) as they add a "handling fee". 

Everyone must complete a landing card, whether they are applying for a visa or not. These are often given out on the plane but one can obtain them in the Arrivals Hall; this is what they look like:

Please see: for different countries.