A week is enough to enjoy the island and get to know its sites. If you are planning to visit Providencia island as well, you'll have to extend your holiday a bit - 3 or 4 days will be ok. Let's check some of San Andrés' top attractions:

Downtown San Andrés: Located in the north point of the island, it's a nice place to shop. Emmeralds, coffee, liquor, perfumes and other goods can be bought at inviting prices. Many hotels and restaurants are found here, too. The public beach is said to be one of the best in San Andrés.

  Street in Downtown

Johny Cay: Situated a few kilometres off the coast of downtown San Andrés, this little island is a dream come true. It can be reached in less than 5 minutes by boat. Its pinkish coral sand is different to that seen in the beaches of the main island. There's nothing in this cay but a Rastafarian bar and lots of palm trees. Because of its size, Johny Cay can be walked around in less than 30 minutes. Once you get away from the place where boats come and go, you'll find yourself in paradise. A trip to this key is certainly a must.

  The gorgeous Johny Cay

Aquario & Haynes Cays: Aquario is a tiny string of sand in the middle of San Andrés' reef. Many people come here to snorkel because of the coral and marine life. Haynes Cay can be reached walking through the reef, but you'll need water shoes because the sea floor is too rocky. The beauty of this cay pays for the struggle of reaching it, though.

Haynes cay & San Andrés in the horizon

San Luis beach: Located in the south-east, it is quite narrow but never crowded. Many tourists complain that the coral reef is too close to the shore, making it difficult to get into the water. However, once you've passed the rocks, you'll find yourself in a natural swimming pool surrounded by colorful little fish.

A view of San Luis beach 

South point & blow hole: The blow hole is a geyser-like hole that blows air and spits water while someone takes you a picture. It's a funny experience. Check the souvenir stands nearby as they sell  nice stuff, cheaper than in the downtown area.

Blow hole spitting water

West coast: One of my favourite spots in San Andrés, the west coast is the right place to go just before sunset. It's best seen on a golf cart, travelling in a calm, slowly way. There is a place, called West View, which offers the best diving and snorkelling in San Andrés. There is no beach, though, so you have to jump directly from the little cliff. But don't be scared by this because what you'll experience underwater is unforgetable.

  San Andrés

Morgan's cave: It's a little museum dedicated to that famous pirate. According to the legend, Morgan buried a big treasure on this island. The museum is nothing spectacular, but it's cheap and displays a funny collection of carved coconuts that resemble people.


La loma belvedere: Situated in one of the highest points of the island, it's a good place to get a 180º view of San Andrés' east coast, with its green, hilly scenery and spectacular lagoon.

View from the Belvedere

Providencia island: 80 kilometres north of San Andrés, this island is a picture of what the Caribbean must have been lots of years ago. Less developed than San Andrés, Providencia is the perfect place to get away from it all