Most local islanders ride either mopeds or small motorcycles throughout the island.  Don't be surprised to see two or three people on a single motorbike.  It is very common to see whole families on a singlebike.  There are four primary types of transportation for visitors to choose from to travel throughout the island.  There are quite a few taxis and flagging one down anywhere in the airport or downtown area is no problem. A ride anywhere throughout the island should cost no more that 10,000Pesos.  The second most common form of transportation for tourists is the golf cart.  These come in all shapes and sizes.  The largest is more of a farm utility vehicle like the Kawasaki Mule and is complete with dump bed orrear cargo area.  The more common is truly a golf cart with oversized wheels.  Rather than the typical electric motor you would find on the golf range these are equipped with a small gasoline engines.  They do not have much power but are adequate for most trips throughout the island and carry up to five passengers.  You can travel from one end of the island to the other on one of these carts in about 40 minutes.  The larger farm utilities vehicles and golf carts can be rented at numerous locationsthroughout the island.  Be sure to bargain for the best price.  Ratesare quoted by the day, for four hours, or by the hour.  Recent prices werebetween 60,000 - 80,000 pesos for a full day.  Those brave enough to dodgecars, dogs and pedestrians can join with the locals by renting a moped or motorcycle.  Helmets are mandatory and at least for tourists you cannot travel on a moped or motorcycle with a passenger before noon.  Finally, those looking for a bit more exercise can rent a bicycle.  Fortunately the vast majority of the island is flat so if choose your road carefully it can be a pleasurable ride.  Don't forget the helmet and plenty of water.  San Andres is a small island and visitors should get out and explore whether it be 4 wheels or two, gasoline or pedal, you won't be disappointed.