Thanks to its South American location, Cartagena enjoys a mild, tropical climate. As the city makes more of an effort to beckon travelers to its shores, they, in turn, are lured by the promise of sunny, warm days.

The average annual year-round temperature in Cartagena is a balmy 88 degrees. This can turn with the wind, however, so you might consider a light jacket, but it’s unlikely you will actually need it.

The average annual year-round low is 75 degrees. Depending on your hotel or lodging, you might not have air conditioning, so be aware that nights can be uncomfortable. Humidity here is high, too, so along with the 88 degree highs and 75 degree lows comes 90% humidity, which is the average annual humidity rate.

So it’s hot and humid, but there are beaches where you can enjoy the cool breeze, right? True, there are. But also be prepared for rain, as Cartagena averages 40 inches of rain a year, with the “high” rainy season being the month of October.

Since the average temperatures don’t change much, there is no real better or worse time to visit Cartagena. If you can avoid October, do so, since there’s a very good chance you’ll get rained on (though that can happen anytime of year). In addition, January and February are good months to visit, particularly if one of your goals is to remove yourself from bitter winter weather and head somewhere warm.