Dalian is a relatively new city in China, with about 150 years of history.

At the turn of the 19th century, the city was the seat of the Japanese occupational government, after defeating the Russians in the Russo Japanese war.

 The Japanese built a number of administration buidings and infrastrcuture in Daiian, much of which still stands today. The majority of the buildiings are clustered around Zhanshan Square in central Dalian.  Dalian City Hall and neighboring buildings were also originally built by the Japanese and can be viewed when passing through People's square to and from the airport.


Former Bank of Yokohama

Former Bank of Yokohama, built 1909

Former original Bank of China 

Fomer Bank of China, built 1910


Former Kanto Communications Building

Former Kanto Communications Bureau, built 1917

Former Chozen (Korea) Bank

Former Chosen (Korea) Bank, built 1920


Former Dalian Yamato Hotel

Former Yamato Hotel, built 1914


Former Dalian City Hall

Former Dalian City Hall, built 1918


former Japanese building in Dalian 

 Former Japanese administrative building, located at People's square.