Traveling to Shenzhen with kids should not be a problem at all. As part of Shenzhen's rapid modernization, plenty of newly built amusement and themed parks guarantee entertainment for the kids and their parents. Though boasting the ultimate high technology, some of these parks present different aspects of Chinese traditional culture.

The most popular parks are Splendid China and China Folk Culture. Splendid China will give you and your family the opportunity to travel through China’s endless geography and its 5000 years of history in just one day. Kids will WOW at the sight of the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palace and many other historical sites and buildings in their miniature versions. The park includes replicas of China’s best known natural landscapes.

China Folk Culture presents China’s rich folklore featuring 24 villages and 56 Chinese ethnic groups. The life-size displays are complemented with typical music and dance shows. The park offers some structured activities such as the evening Carnival parade and the Dragon Boat race during the day.

Window of the World is Shenzhen‘s museum of the world. Housing attractions and popular spots, mostly in miniature, from all the continents, be surprised to be at the Grand Canyon while you admire the Tower of Pisa at almost the same time. An exception to the small size attractions, is the Eiffel Tower replica, take the elevator and, from the top, have a magnificent view of Schenzen and Hong Kong. Don’t miss the shows that feature traditional music and dances.

Other parks are Xiangmi Lake, Safari Park, Future Time, Joy Valley, Green World, Silver Lake Resort, fairy Lake Botanical Garden, and many others complete the options for fun for the whole family.