Shenzhen enjoys subtropical weather year round. The average annual temperature is 25°C/ 78 Farenheit. The Summers are hot and long and the Winters not as cool as expected. In June-August, the highest temperature can go above the 90’s F/35 °C and the lowest temperature can hit the 50’s F/10’s 25°C).

It rains quite a lot. There is a wet season that goes from May to September when it will rain every day. Be prepared for typhoons arriving in Summer and Fall. According to weather analysis, they only affect the region once a year. Monitor the local news for the latest updates and safety precautions issued by the local government.

Pack light clothes, cloth wearing is quite casual in Shenzhen. Include in your suitcase a more formal attire that doesn’t need too sophisticated if you are planning to have business meetings or go out at night.