Xiamen is home to many parks and gardens that will give the whole family multiple opportunities for enjoyment.

Located in the East of Xiamen, Ten Thousand Stones Hill Sightseeing and Tourist Area is a huge park that includes a collection of attractively named sites such as the Ten Thousand Tablets Loyal to the Emperor, the Chanting Cave, Bell Ringing at Dawn, Purple Cloud Leading the Way, Pacific Rock and Temple of Heaven among other sites. Stroll along Xiamen Botanical Garden and admire the huge collection of pines and cedars, roses, palms, cactuses and the orchid nursery. The Garden comprises an amazing collection of more than 4000 varieties of tropical plants.

Gulangyu Island Scenic Area is one of the area's most popular sites. It can be accessed by ferry from Xiamen City. Families can walk along the coast and bathe in the sea. Or, why not walk to the Crag of Sunlight, the area's highest peak? If you don't, it will seem that you never visited Xiamen, at least that is what locals say; it's no wonder considering the lush natural scenery of tropical trees and plants, the incredible number of birds and the amazing views of the sea from the top. When in Gulzangyu Island, also visit Bright Moon and Yuyuan Gardens.

Other parks worth visiting are: Big Wheel Mountain Cultural Tourist Area and Jiageng Park.