There are a large number of outdoor activities you can enjoy in this southernmost region of Chilean Patagonia. The area of Punta Arenas is well known for its natural beauty and geographical attractions. Hikers will enjoy the Cordillera del Paine(also known as Torres del Paine). This national park near Puerto Natales is home to a small but majestic group of mountains two to three thousand meters (about 8,000 feet) tall. Be careful to follow park regulations; a Czech tourist recently burned down a large portion of the forest on accident when he made an unauthorized campfire. You can also go horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, or boating in this park, so bring some waterproof gear and make an entire camping trip out of it.

Many cruise ships and ferries make dock at the Punta Arenas harbor; there are whales in the waters around Punta Arenas, so you may want to go on a whale-watching excursion. Also visit the penguin colonies in Otway Sound on Magdalena Island, where about 10,000 pairs of Magellan penguins nest each year.

For sports, try the ski resort Cerro Mirador near Punta Arenas, or the Cerro Castor outside of Ushuaia, Argentina, located even further south in Patagonia.