The city of Ann Arbor is divided into five regional sections which are further divided in to neighborhoods.  The University of Michigan is the main neighborhood where most people spend their time, but there are plenty of other things to see as well.


Central Ann Arbor includes four neighborhoods:

  • Eberwhite – This neighborhood maintains the feel of the Westward Expansion which led to the creation of Ann Arbor, mixing a range of architectural styles and offering a lot of open outdoor space.  The best thing to see here is the Eberwhite Woods, a forest of oak and hickory trees.
  • Bach – (Pronounced Baw, as opposed to like the composer) – This is the historic area of Ann Arbor, close to downtown Ann Arbor.
  • Angell – This area, named after a prior University of Michigan president, is primarily comprised of student housing.  Interestingly, the most expensive mansion-style homes in Ann Arbor are also in this area.
  • Burns Park – Burns Park itself is the thing to see in this neighborhood.

Northwest Ann Arbor includes three neighborhoods:

  • Wines – This hilly area offers easy access to Bird Hills Nature Area and Bluffs Park.  Barton Hills, one of Ann Arbor’s wealthiest areas, is also here.
  • Abbot – Residential.
  • Haisley – This is a neighborhood where you can catch the local family fun with baseball teams playing here in the summer and children ice skating here in the winter.  Veteran’s Memorial Pool is a public pool where you can take the kids to cool down.

Northeast Ann Arbor includes four neighborhoods:

  • Logan – There are a number of open areas here with ponds where walkers and joggers abound.  Shopping can be done here as well, with the Plymouth Road Mall being the top choice.
  • Thurston – Highly diverse area with a history of being a Ford Motors area.
  • King – Residential, adjacent to the University's North Campus (engineering/medical) and the Huron Parkway mixed use paths.
  • Northside – The city’s oldest commercial structure is here as is the old Underground Railroad, making this a rich historical area.

Southwest Ann Arbor includes four neighborhoods:

  • Lakewood – Suburbs.
  • Dicken – The place to go for parks.  Greenview Park is the best dog park, Las Vegas Park has the best playground and Mushroom Park has ceramic mushrooms which shouldn’t be missed.
  • Lawton – Residential
  • West Bryant Pattengill – Retail shopping including Briarwood Mall.

Southeast Ann Arbor includes five neighborhoods:

  • East Bryant Pattengill – Commercial and industrial businesses and low-income housing.
  • Allen – Includes Buhr Park which has swimming and an ice rink.
  • Pittsfield – Mostly fast food chains and superstores.
  • Carpenter – Quiet, nice place for a drive.
  • Mitchell – Excellent hiking can be found at the Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area.