As a popular tourist destination the authorities have made efforts to crack down on crime in Sucre, but visitors should still be on guard while visiting the city. It is one of the Bolivia’s two capital cities, and one rich with history and culture, but petty crime is also rampant. Pickpockets tend to be among the biggest threats, especially in the crowded street markets and near many of the main attractions.

Visitors should be on guard while on the move, and is possible you should avoid carrying large bags or bulky items. Thefts of bags, backpacks and purses are a problem throughout Bolivia, but especially in the urban centers, including Sucre. The thieves can be very sophisticated in Bolivia, and often work in small groups where one person will create a distraction. So be on guard, and should a distraction, such as a spilled beverage occur, the best advice is to move from the area quickly, and refuse any assistance from a “kindly person.”

Watch your possessions while you’re on the crowded buses, and after dark it is advisable to take a taxicab. Be sure to negotiate the fare prior to beginning your trip. Otherwise, stay in lighted areas and avoid dark and unpopulated streets. Female travelers should avoid heading out alone after dark if at all possible.

It is also important to note that Sucre is in a high mountain region, and some visitors may experience altitude sickness, or other effects from the altitude. Alcohol can be extremely intoxicating, even in small amounts, and visitors can become dehydrated very quickly. Visitors should avoid drinking alcohol, but should be sure to drink plenty of water.