Makkah Gate is a historic place as well as a populous, business centre that is busy round the clock. Surrounded by mosques, it’sthe old headquarters of Saudi Airport. There are problems with water scarcity,drainage and occasional theft. Still, Bab Makkah is considered to beheadquarters of trade with the whole Jeddah. Transport facilities areavailable to anywhere in Saudi.

People from allwalks of life visit this place. The very first lady of the world, HavvaBeevis's  Maqbara (Eve) has an important monument of this place, Bab Makkah(Gate to Makkah).

Visitors come againand again. Jeddah as a whole is a very good place to visit in all resectsespecially with regard to weather, culture, proximity to the Holy cities of Makkahand Medina. During Hajj s and Umrah, people from all over the world comehere. Although visit to Jeddah is not mandatory, it gives them pleasureand an opportunity to relax.