Located in the 9th century Khalef al Fata tower in the Kasbah district, the Sousse Museum makes for an impressive display in its own right. Around the small garden courtyard are various exhibits that include mosaics from nearby Christian catacombs, Punic and Roman era country houses and other antiquities from around North Africa. The museum is home archeological treasures from Phoenician, Punic, Roman and Islamic eras. Open daily from 8am until 12 noon, and then from 3pm until 7pm, the museum is closed on Mondays.

The area of the Medina, or old city, offers a look at Sousse’s traditional Arabian past. Here visitors can see the Rabit fortress and its ancient ramparts, while the adjoining Great Mosque of Sousse, which was built in 851 AD during the reign of Emir Aboul Abbas Mohammed of the Aghlabid Dynasty, is one of the largest Mosques in Tunis. With its large imposing walls, its importance in the defence of Sousse can still be seen today.