In the beach areas of Sousse females may get some unwanted attention if they are alone. It is generally not considered rude for a man to stare at a women, and this is especially true in those areas where women visitors will wear much less clothing that in other parts of the country.

Generally females probably should not travel alone, or even without male companions if possible. As a Muslim country, albeit a bit more secular than some of nations, there are still some important laws to keep in mind too. Only married couples are permitted to cohabit in Tunisia and homosexuality is illegal.

The city of Sousse is also a fairly safe area, but visitors should be as alert as they would be visiting any large or moderately sized city. Theft is generally the biggest issue, and this is true both on your person and in your hotel room. Avoid keeping items in purses or shoulder bags as much as possible, as theft of bags has been on the rise in recent years. In general keep track of your possessions at all times. Do not carry too much cash, but be sure your money is otherwise secure. Of course make copies of your credit cards and passport and keep this in a safe place.

When you are out shopping you will be pressured by shop keepers to wander in and buy goods. If you feel uncomfortable and pressurised just be firm, say no and walk away. 

And while traveling through the region, you should try to avoid taking photographs of political or military sites, soldiers on the streets or anything else the might be considered sensitive.