Dubrovnik has an inexpensive and convienient public bus system for those who do not want to walk or take a taxi to get around town.  Libertas Dubrovnik's website for the bus system is not in English however there are some subtexts translated in English so that if you do not read or understand Croatian, you can at least obtain a general understanding. If further information is needed re: bus schedules, fares, and routes you can send an email to the Dubrovnik Touist Board at  tzgd@du.tel.hr , or get the information at most hotels located in the city.  Taxis are available at most bus stations as well.

The Libertas local public bus service is impressive. The intervals between buses is 5-10 minutes, the fleet is new and well driven. Tickets cost 15 kuna for a one hour period if bought on the bus and only 12 kuna (2016 Prices) if bought from a ticket booth at one of the more popular stops: punch the ticket on boarding to avoid being fined.


The privately run Vivado service provides very regular reasonably priced  ‘water bus’ service (at intervals of around every 30 minutes) to various points along the coast from the old port of Dubrovnik, to Sebreno, Mlini and Cavtat. Cavtat is perhaps the major destination but you will be missing out if you do not stop en route. They have a fleet of 5 boats, each with its different character: the smallest might best be avoided if the sea is other than flat calm and you do not like spray. Don’t expect passenger safety announcements of the kind familiar to UK travellers and others. While the seas are uncrowded, steering by the knees while texting might make you a little more queasy than the sea.