Visitors to Dubrovnik not arriving by boat usually arrive via the Dubrovnik Airport, located in Cilipi, about 20 km. outside of the city.  During the Serb-Croat War in the early 1990's the airport was occupied by Yugoslavian troops and completely destroyed.  The current airport, a new facility, was completed in 2005 and is one of the nicest in Eastern Europe, handling flights from all major European carriers and many United States carriers.


There are reasonable duty free shopping facilities for departing passengers selling alcohol, cigarettes perfume and local goods. There are no electrical items available (Sept 09). A Cafe sells the usual fare of snacks, hot drinks and alcohol. Prices are reasonable and they will accept  Kuna or Euro.

There are a number of small shops in the check in area as well as a bar/cafe, though it is not a 24 hour operation. There is a roomy, cafe on the first floor which is open to anyone.

Do proceed to security control in plenty of time as it can be a slow process and includes the removal of belts and sometimes shoes.

Passengers arriving at the airport have several options for ground transportation including rental cars and taxis.

A taxi to Dubrovnik should cost approx. 220 Kuna or € 30, (as of Sept 09) and do confirm the fare before you commence the journey.

If you prefere the bus it leaves just to your right when you leave the main building. There is a bus for every arriving flight. Cost 35 Kn to Dubrovnik and takes aprox 1 hour depending on traffic. Passes the old gate, harbour and end at the main bus station.  

 Main bus station -