A great place to do some reading about Dubrovnik, its latest news and gossip, is on Dubrovnik.org.  This not-for-profit site serves as an index of sorts for articles written about the city, giving users access to them all in one place.  The newest articles are featured on the home page, but the site also contains searchable archives.  Many, but not all of the articles, are written in English.

For those who want to read about Dubrovnik's history and its tourist attractions there are several books available.  One great resource, published in 2006, is the Dubrovnik City Guide , which gives a good background of the city's history as well as tourist information.

While in Dubrovnik, you can also pick up free 'In Your Pocket' and Dubrovnik city guides from the local tourist office. Those looking for online information about nightlife in Dubrovnik should check out the locally updated Dubvrovnik Nightlife mini-guide.

For all the daily news in English you can pick up a free copy of The Dubrovnik Times through the summer months. And throughout the whole year you can read the online version The Dubrovnik Times.

All restaurant offers updated on a daily basis you can find on nIGHT&dAY Dubrovnik. Also you can find an overview of exibits, theater plays, party's and many other events. Simplified version you can find on iTunes from where you can make your download on your iPhone.