The area of the islands around Split is probably one of the most popular sailing regions in Croatia for a number of different reasons.  Here you can enjoy the rising of the summer sun, with a view that extends all the way to the outermost islands in the open waters of the Adriatic. 

The largest of the islands of the Split Archipelao is Brač, known worldwide as the island of stone and wind. You could easily spend three or four days sailing around Brač and not get bored. Most of the settlements are on the north coast of Brač but Milna, on the west coast is pretty town with two marinas, and Bol on the south coast with its famous Zlatni Rat beach is a great place to visit. From Bol, it’s a short trip to Jelsa or Vrbovska, on Hvar Island, which are well equipped for overnight stays.To the west of Brač, island Šolta has some beautiful, unspoilt bays and seems relatively untouched by modern tourism. 

Hvar Island is longer and thinner than Brač, with most of the settlements concentrated in the western half on the island. If you want to keep up with the jet set, then Hvar Town is for you. It’s a fascinating town archaeologically and historically. Just west of Hvar Town are the Pakleni Islands and another ACI marina.

Further out to sea, the island of Vis is smaller and less developed than Brač and Hvar, but has two lovely towns – Vis and Komiža – as well as the adjacent islet of Biševo, famous for the Blue cave, which glows fluorescently by virtue of trick of the sunlight.  When you get to Vis, give it the time it deserves — at least a dozen days, and sail into at least a few of its fifty-four coves. Only then will you experience the island in its full beauty.

Marinas in Split Archipelago

Marinas in Split Archipelago are located on Brač at Milna, on Hvar at Vrbovska and just off Hvar Town on the Pakleni Islands.

  • ACI Palmižana -  has nestled in a beautiful bay opposite the island of Hvar. Palmizana carries the soulful melody of the South, smell of the sea, sound of the breeze in pine branches, the warmth of summer and undulation of waves along the boat sides.
  • ACI Vrbovska - due to the bridge, islands, beautiful old buildings and the Venetian painting riches in the parish church of St. Lawrence, Vrbovska called little Venice.
  • ACI Milna - marina offers all the treasures of the island Brac; from the Heritage Museum in Škrip and desert Blace to the fair inGažul and Vidova hill. But first you should check out the newly opened restaurants Navigare, with which ACI began to introduce common standards of hospitality to its marinas.
  • ACI Marina Split - the main marina for yacht charter Split. It is open all year round. Its long breakwater providing excellent protection from rough seas and southerly winds. More information about ACI Marinas find here:   Fuel can be found on Šolta Island at Rogač, on Brač Island at Milna, Sumartin and Bol, on Hvar Islands at Hvar and Vrbovska and on Vis Island at Vis. If you like what you read its a right time to charter yacht in Croatia. 

First time charter tips

If you never chartered a boat before and you are in a dilemma by the prospect of being the captain responsible for the boat, here are some tips to make everything go smoothly:

  • Before choosing a vessel, please bear in mind the following details: How many people will be on board? Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin, or do some crew members require a separate cabin? Do you prefer comfort? Do you require a skipper or not? If you need skipper’s services, please bear in mind that the skipper sleeps on board as well, so one of the berths (either in the saloon area or in a cabin) should belong to him.
  • If you have no sailing experience at all, or if you do not possess an officially recognized sailing license, you are obliged to hire a skipper. Even if you have experience in sailing, but are not sure in your maneuvering skills, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional skipper for at least several days, so as to make your cruise more relaxing.  
  • Boat owners & charter companies will help you create an itinerary that suits your travel needs & wishes. They know where you cansafely anchor, get supplies, find privacy ar enjoy company.

One of the hardest things for new charterers to figure out is which yacht charter company to go with. There are many reputable, good charter companies in the Croatia and choosing one is often hard. Especially when you can’t go in and visit their office and see their boats. First off, there is no one best company. They each have their pros and cons. Most of companies have been in business for years and keeping happy customers is in their best interest. Google them, ask on the forums, find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Here are a few yacht charter companies: 

  • Like2sail - yacht charter Croatia agency specialized for easy and secure online booking of yachts, sailboats, catamarans, motor boats, luxury yachts and gulets,bareboat or crewed.Providing of full charter service. 
  • Yachting in Croatia - expertly organized company specialized for providing various services within nautical tourism.  
  • CharterCroatia - depending on your experience,  offer you different types of charters. Experienced sailors will take a boat without a skipper and crew, while those less experienced will choose bareboat charter.