Notable architecture abounds in this historic island.  Martha's Vineyard is famous for at least three architectural wonders.

Oak Bluffs / Gingerbread Houses:  On the Methodist Campground in the heart of Oak Bluffs, you'll find fabled "gingerbread house" cottages clustered around the old meeting grounds.  Most are not winterized so the best time to visit is in the summer but at all times you can see the bright colors and architectural details of these tiny homes.  Many are named with whimsical or seaside monikers.  You can easily explore on foot and wander for an hour or two.  The location is convenient to the ferry and shopping on Circuit Avenue so there's no excuse not to take a look.

At the center of the community is the large tabernacle where often concerts or other family events are held in the summer.

Edgartown / Greek Revival:  Edgartown is known for its stately, white Greek Revival architecture.  Historic buildings in the town were mostly built during the 19th Century when Edgartown was a wealthy center of whaling riches.  Most notable (and easiest to find!) is the Whaling Church on Main Street in the heart of Edgartown's central shopping district.  Now a non-demoninational church, it is often open to the public for a peek and, if not, even it's outside is beautiful with its soaring doric columns, high windows, and gorgeous clock tower. 

As a legacy of this rich archictectural history is that most homes along Main Street in town and North and South Water Streets (along the harbor) are white versus the clapboard or shingles more common elsewhere on the Cape and Islands.  As a legacy to the whaling wealth, many also have luxurious landscaping and artful details (e.g, widow's walks or front facing porches).  It's worth a walk down these historic streets to peek at yesterday's architecture and today's multi-million dollar homes.

Various locations/ Lighthouses:  As an oddly shaped island, Martha's Vineyard has more than its fair share of lighthouses.  Edgartown Light is directly across from the Harbor View Hotel on North Water Street in Edgartown.  Gay Head light is, well, in Gay Head (now called Aquinnah).  Vineyard Haven has both East Chop and West Chop.  There are more to be found and explored for the lighthouse enthusiast.  Ask around.