The most popular time to visit the island for most visitors is in the summer, when the beaches offer healthy waves and the days are long. School is out and a respite on Nantucket is the perfect time. The season is generally from Memorial Day till Labor Day weekend, although June can still be cool.

There are occasional rainy days even in the summer, but most days are sunny in the seventies and eighties, cooling down by twenty degrees at night. There may be a morning or late evening fog that can be almost surreal as it envelops the town. The ocean breezes keep temperatures mild with rarely a blistering heat or major snowstorm in the winter.

Many visitors also enjoy the autumn months the most as September offers cooler temps and far less crwods. There is usallly an "Indian summer" in October with a few beach days as well. The fall also offers lower rates, easier reservations, and virtually kid-free. The off-season makes for a neat getaway, too, as many of the restaurants and shops stay open till the holidays. In December, there is the traditional Christmas Strolll the first Saturday of the month. Carolers, wassail, and egg nog abound on Main Street.