Annapolis is teaming with restaurants for feasting. For instance, Main street is the heart of downtown Annapolis, running from the City Dock to Church Circle and hosts a plethora of appetizing restaurants to try. For romantic, upscale dining, visitors enjoy the Cafe Normandie or the Treaty of Paris, which are both on Main Street towards the State House. In the eighteenth century, inns or taverns (or “ordinaries” as they were called back then.) were places where residents and visitors gathered to do business, discuss politics, and socialize. Inns and Irish pubs continue to have a strong influence in Annapolis. On Maryland Avenue, Galaway Bay is a popular, relaxed Irish Bar where locals and tourists alike stop in for pints of Kilkenny and laughs. On State Circle, Potato Valley Cafe allows clients to choose one of 20 fillings to dip into a delicious meal-in-a-potato. In Market Space, Riordan's, offers good service and yummy sandwiches.

For seafood lovers, Annapolis is a haven for fresh fish, blue crabs, oysters and shellfish. Buddy’s Crabs and Ribs on main street 100 is a favorite haunt for crab-shucking and a cool bear while O’Brien’s oyster bar and restaurant is popular seafood bet.   Cantler’s Riverside Inn on Forest Beach Rd, also offers one of the best crab options in the city from crap soup to crab cakes to crabs-in-the-shell waiting to be cracked. From May through October, Cantler’s serves up locally caught crabs, an unforgettable Maryland treat. In addition, Middleton Tavern in downtown Annapolis is in a building that dates back to 18th century and has character and charm. Once seated at tables on the porch overlooking the city dock square, which is in the heart of the historical district, foodies can choose from a fine (if slightly expensive) menu of seafood and meat options and watch the action below. To top off a perfect night, buy a ice cream from  Storm Brothers (130 Dock Street) and sit on harbor to watch the sunset.