Since the fall of the Sandinista government, Managua has been rebuilding much of its infrastructure and this includes nightclubs.  Whereas ten years ago one would have been hard-pressed to find any kind of night life in Managua, today the city is bursting with them, with a new one seeming to open every week.  One of the city's hippest clubs, of the variety one may expect to find in New York or Miami, is Club Hollywood.  This exclusive club has a selective entrance policy complete with doormen and a red carpet.  Club Hollywood is located near the Zona Rosa neighborhood on Edificio Delta.

The city's Zona Rosa section is full off many different nightclubs, many of which seem to open, close and change hands frequently.  These clubs open late, at least after 9 PM, and some stay open all night.  If you want to visit a few night clubs during your visit and don't have a particular one in mind, your best bet is to hire a cab to take you into Zona Rosa and then see what looks good.  Many of them have no or very low cover charges if you change your mind and want to leave.