Culture is half the reason to visit

Nicaragua is one of the most diverse countries in Central America.  

Nicaraguan culture is unique in that the celebrations that happen nearly every day in one corner or another can only be found here. Los Aguizotes, for example, is the scariest halloween festival you will see, with thousands of people dressed up as devils taking to the streets at night. The chaining of the Judases happens before Easter, when mobs of young men in costumes hunt down "Judases" in the village and drag them through the streets in chains. Or San Pedro celebration, when locals have a go at one another with dried bull penises, whipping each other senseless in the name of the saint. 

This and other reasons as the great biodiversity of plants and animals, the great natural beauties like Masaya volcano one of most active craters of Central America, the biggest forest , Bosawas which is the second greater forest in Western Hemisphere, The Reserve of the Biosphere San Juan River, in the border with Costa Rica. This reserve protects the greatest wetlands of the region, as well as the greater rainy forests of the south of Central America. Isla Ometepe the biggest island of the world inside a fresh water eye, the Coco River (750 km), it is the longest river of Central America, that in one of its sections serves as border between Honduras and Nicaragua and ends at the Caribbean coast, 40% of the territory is a protect land, in addition to all these beauties, Nicaragua have unique species like the bull shark the only fresh water shark in the world, all of this attractions made of  Nicaragua one of the safest and complete destinations in Central American isthmus, without telling you that it is the cheapest country in Centralamerica where the beer costs less than a dollar.

So give a chance to Nicaragua.

Enjoy Nicaragua.