As in many European countries, football, or soccer, is very popular in the Ukraine.  Kiev has four football teams:  Arsenal Kiev of the Ukrainian Premier League, CSKA Kiev of the Ukrainian First League, Dynamo Kiev, a government-sponsored team, and Obolon Kiev, sponsored by the Obolon Brewery.  The city is also home to several smaller, non-professional teams.  Kiev's professional teams each have a large following, some even having obtained a somewhat cult-like status among their fans. 

Kiev has 15 sports stadiums which in addition to hosting soccer games also host ice-hockey matches, and other sports events such as figure skating, something that the Ukraine is becoming more and more well known for.  Kiev's Olympic Stadium was the host of world soccer teams during the 1980 Summer Olympics, which were hosted by the Soviet Union.  The stadium is still in use and holds over 83,000 people. 

In addition to stadium sports, Kiev also hosts swimming and boating events on its reservoir.