In the middle of august 2015 I drove 1500 kilometres from Kyiv International Airport Zhuliany though Kremenchug on to Dniprodzerzhynsk we stayed a number of days then drove to Kryvyi Rih and then on to Koblevo near Odessa returning to Kiev on the HO8 stopping at Uman Here is a list of the road conditions Boryspil to the outskirts of Zololonosa on the HO8 the road gets worse and worse as you leave Kiev behind,with large holes, difficult to drive more than 20mph often having to drive on the other side of the road, worst section before causeway before lypove. From Zololonosa to Kremencheg it improves slowly the closer you get to kremenchug. From kremenchug to Dniprodzerzhynsk conditions slightly better but progress slow with large sections of road breaking up, though villages take extra caution very deep holes From Dniprodzerzhynsk to Kryvyi Rih H11 poor conditions Large holes at the edge of the roads 10 mile sections badly damaged by ice, just breaking up, add two to three hours to your satellite navigation time. From Kryvyi Rih to Mykolajiv on the H11 this was the worst section of road I drove on, allow 5 extra hours on your time to navigate what can only be described as a luna landscape its one or two miles an hour walking would be faster in sections I watched some locals overtake me by driving across a field rather than staying on the road. ten miles before Mykolajiv there is a section of road in reasonable condition but beware it has large area,s with very dangerous holes and broken surface Mykolaiv to Koblevo mostly duel carriageway with a badly worn right hand lane stay in the left and you will be fine some of the heaviest traffic I have seen in Ukraine Koblevo to Odessa As you turn on to the E58 leaving Koblevo you cross a causeway keep left, travelling in either direction very deep holes, that are difficult to see and duel carrigeway in some sections heavy traffic but reasonable road surface. Odessa to Kiev on the E92 then MO5, E92 not in good condition heavy traffic with some sections of broken road. MO5 The best road I travelled on, but be aware of police check points and cameras, managed 70mph in some sections very worn right hand lane but good left lane, beware and slow down when crossing over bridges, some sections after Uman the road is breaking up with lots of road works as you approach Kiev I thoroughly enjoyed my travels even though driving was very tiring, having to concentrate constantly on the road ahead, most of the roads I travelled on would be impossible at night if not deadly, and unless you are a very experianced driver day time is almost as bad Before you rent a car take out extra insurance for windscreen you will probably need it Good luck and safe driving