Belgrade is full of diverse celebrations and events that can truly enrich one's stay here. Planning according to some of the events listed below can really make your trip all the more incredible.

One of the biggest festivals of the year is the City Feast Ascension Day holiday which is the Thursday that falls about 40 days after Easter. The celebration includes a grand procession.

Mikser is also great project that organizes competitions, exhibitions, cultural events, conferences, educational courses and lectures. The results of Mikser’s collaborations are projects that establish dialog between contemporary global tendencies and local creative scene and industries.

Another of one of the largest celebrations is the Belef Festival taking place annually in August. This event takes hold of the city's parks museums, theaters and more with all forms of art especially music and live theater.

This summer Belgrade hosted a big music festival Belgrade CallingThe spectacle was held at Belgrade's most prominent event location, beautiful park Usce next to confluence of two big rivers, Danube and Sava...

During the summer make shore you don’t miss Belgrade Boat Festival. Visitors will experience a carnival parade of decorated boats, acrobatics on the river, enterntainment activities on the water banks and several music concerts on the port of Sava.

Belgrade Beer Fest  wich keep the spirit for which it is being famous: entrance free of charge, diverse music program based on rock and roll sound, performed especially by the bands from Serbia and the region, wide range of domestic and foreign beer brands, and social campaigns emphasizing the environmental protection.

"Days of Belgrade" is another great time to visit the city as it celebrates its independence from Turkey. A firework showing and theater are a part of the four day fest in mid April as well as a great benefit for tourists, museums remain open at all hours and for free admission!

February through March, film buffs head to the city for the International Beglrade Film Festival.