Gay bar

Egal,Obilicev venac 3a,11000 Belgrade,Tel +381(0)62  44 01 69

Smiley, in alley off Terazije 5 (Stari Grad, Belgrade) (open 15-01h) opposite Palata Albanij

Gay-friendly restaurants

Zaplet, Kajmakcalanska 2, Vracar, 11000 Belgrade, Tel +381 (0)11 240 4142 (closed Mondays)

Gay clubs - Friday/Saturday nights only

Pleasure, Kneza Milosa 9 (in courtyard next to Turkish Embassy), (Stari Grad) 11000 Belgrade

Monthly mixed WB Komjuniti parties usually held at Mikser House, Sava Mala.  See Facebook page for more details 


Gay guide:  see web site

As of date of publishing, no gay cinemas, saunas or bookshops operate. While public displays of affection are ill-advised, the LGB population is widely tolerated by mainstream Belgrade society though transgendereds less so.

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