What You Should Know About Bucharest And Noone Tells you

The people - Usually very friendly, and keen to help. Young ones know English, older ones, rather French, but there is always room for surprises.

The beggars - Not as many as a few years ago, but... there are still some around churches, touristic places, subway stations, open air restaurants, etc. Usually avoid to talk out loud when around them; if they learn you're a foreigner, you won't get rid of them. If you want to give them money, or whatever, go ahead, if you don't, then just ignore them, pretend you didn't see/hear them. They might look like they NEED help, they might be children (actually lately most of them are just children), but it's a trade for them, it's their job to make you feel sorry for them. But, they aren't as bad as they used to be.

The stray dogs -  not as many as they used to be few years ago, but make sure you stay away from them if you see any. They might look cute, but they are unpredictable.

Taxis - Most of the taxis are some sort of yellowish/orange. Look on the cars' doors for the price; most of the taxis are of cab companies that charge about half dollar/euro per kilometer, but there are others that charge 2 and half   US dollars or 2 Euros/kilometer, which is a rip off. If the price on the door is 1.4 RON or 1.7 RON or something similar, it's ok. But there are some with 7.2 RON or similar, which is a rip off. Also, when you get in the car, and the driver starts the car, make sure that the meter is ON. Or set the price for the whole trip with the driver, before starting the trip. If you're a foreigner to Romania, the more likely it's that they'll attempt to rip you off and charge you 10 or more times. Also, avoid taking the taxis waiting right in front of the airports (especially Otopeni) or railway stations. If you have a Romanian  friend with you, ask them to call one for you, for example.

Public transportation - Really cheap, but usually very busy. The subway, on the other hand, is better, and gets you faster from point A to point B, even than when using a taxi. The only problem is that the subway lines aren't reaching just every main spot in Bucharest.

People in Bucharest are usually nice and friendly, but, no matter where you go, be very careful about your bags, wallet, money and documents. Especially in crowded areas. Make sure you still have your wallet with you.

If you want to visit the city it's advisable that you should have a map or city guide with you. It will be helpful especially since there are not too many signs indicating the direction to various city attractions, no info kiosks or tourist offices.

Otherwise the city is fun and there's a lot to see and do there. And it's quite safe, for men and women. You should be able to walk late at night without much to worry about. It actually depends on the part of the city you're in.