By all means be aware of these scam artists, expect 90% of them to make you a raw deal. Taxi drivers in Bucharest will try everything to squeeze every single cent out of you. The taxis are all Dacias which are Romanian cars and the quality is very much questionable, not talking about the safety. Consider yourself lucky if you can buckle up..

 Look at the Km rate on the outside of the car and make sure that is actually what they are charging.

Avoid going into taxi in a crowded area during nightfall, that is where they pick up passengers where they say there is a special night rate or minimum three times the normal rate, which can go up to 10 times the normal rate. Just walk a little bit further and you will get a taxi with the normal rates.

If you don´t have local currency (Lei) they will try to scam you with the idea that it is illegal to use other currencies. That is BS of course, so do the calculations yourself and offer them what is fair.

If you are taking a taxi from the airport to the city, don´t use the taxis in the que just outside the terminal or all the guys who will approach you in the arrival hall offering you a ride into town. Walk just a little further down the road from the terminal and you´ll get a taxi with normal rates. Expect everyone to cheat you.

If you are a male traveller and alone the taxi drivers will offer you Romanian girls, most likely they are working for a prostitution rings.....