There is some information about Chisinau available online, which can be very useful to those planning a trip to the capital city of the Republic of Moldova .

            A good place to begin doing some preliminary research is on this Chisinau Information page, which was found through Wikipedia.  Here, one can obtain such background information as history and population statistics.

            The Official Ministry of Culture and Tourism Website of Moldova is the best place to find travel and tourism information that is general to most of the Republic of Moldova .  Here, one can find a page dedicated to Chisinau information.  Most basic travel and tourism topics are covered throughout this website. 

            A good way to get to know an unfamiliar area better is by studying its geography.  Get started by looking at a Map of Europe, a Map of Moldova, and a Map of Chisinau.

            For weather information about Chisinau, check out this Ten Day Forecast, and this Monthly Weather Averages page.

            There are a few countries that have foreign embassies or consulates that are located in the Republic of Moldova .  Most of these are located in the capital city of Chisinau .  For a complete list, including contact and location information, check out this Foreign Embassies List.