The temperature in Zagreb is moderate, with the average winter low temperature being just below freezing and the average winter high temperature generally staying below eighty degrees.  This means that any time of year is all right for visiting the area.  However, visitors should know that the summer months may feel much hotter than they are because of excessive humidity.

There is fairly steady rain in Zagreb throughout the year but there is never so much of it that it should mar a trip to the area.  The average monthly rainfall is only three inches.  There is a significant drop in the heart of winter, with February averaging less than two inches of rain, but this is due to the fact that there may be snow in the area at that time.

Most travelers find that early spring, with its moderate temperatures, comparably low humidity and slightly lower chance of rain is the best season during which to travel to the area.  Complete annual climate information for Zagreb can be learned about by visiting Climate Zone at .

Updated weather information for Zagreb is available from Weather Underground ( ) and ( ). A five day weather forecast for the area is also available from BBC ( ).