"Bridge over Drina" by famous serbian author Ivo Andric , a novel that brought him a Nobel prize for Literature in 1961. This is a story about the life in small Bosnian town of Visegrad through period of more than 400 years, from the midle 15th century to the begining of the First World War. This is the most comprehensive book ever written about the life of the ordinary people in Bosnia, and at the same time the best book about the history of the Mehmed pasa Sokolovic bridge ( Visegrad bridge). If you want to get familiar and discover more about Visegrad and Bosnia you should definitely read this book. Language won't be a problem, the book is translated to 33 world languages so far.


Chuck Sudetic's "Blood and Vengeance" is a comprehensive history of the area around Visegrad from the perspective of a few families in that area. The story not only gives you BiH history from around the time of Christ up to present-day, but shows how such grand-scale historical moments have affected the peasants, the real people of BiH.

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