In Minsk, you can enjoy the snow in Winter and the great sun in Summer when you can even swim in nearby lakes and rivers. Belarussians tend to describe their temperature as "mild". Perhaps, travelers wouldn't use mild to describe the weather but Bealarussians enjoy of an average of 240 days of temperatures above zero.

Winters are long, they start as early as mid October when temperatures hit the 0 grades centigrades/ 30 F and end in May. Expect temperatures in Winter hitting the low -30 grades centigrades/ -22 F and be prepared to live under and on snow for several months (from 3 to 4 months). Due to snow, Winters are very humid and you need to keep warm with thick clothes. Be prepared to live with temperatures that go from -8 grades to -4 grades average. It could get even colder but the continental location of the country prevents a lower avarge temperature.

In Autumn, it rains a lot, so don't forget to pack good waterproof boots, raincoat and a big umbrella.

Summers are warm with average temparatures ranging the 15 grades centigrades/60 F and 25 grades/80 F. Bielarussians boast two weeks in Summer time when temperatures increase to 30 grades/ 85 F. They enjoy watersports in rivers and lakes.