Travelers may find that safety in Tirana is not up to the standards of travel in many countries.  This is not to say that the area is unsafe for travel but it should be kept in mind so that travelers can be adequately prepared when traveling in the area.  Visitors are reminded of the importance of staying informed about the socio-political culture of foreign travel destinations.  Travelers can check the status of security issues for travel to any foreign destination including Tirana at the United States Department of Affairs travel website:

Tirana itself is relatively safe.  The nightlife is active and visitors can feel safe exploring the area.  Taxis are generally considered to be safe.  Travel around the area can be dangerous though.  Visitors are reminded that it is unwise to walk alone at night in foreign areas.  Travelers enjoying the nightlife of the area are reminded that excessive drinking can cause impaired judgment and lead to unmanageable encounters with strangers.

Of most danger, at night, however, is the safety, or lack thereof, of Tirana’s road system.   The road system is generally considered to be below international standards (see ) and visitors will find that the combination of unpaved or poorly paved roads with the lack of street lighting makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to drive at night in the area.