Many objects collected and preserved with a lot of love and passion Memories from Maoist influences of the 60ies

A really nice private collection of Albanian objects from different periods of the last 100 years, placed in a charming typical house of Tirana built in 1927. The Villa with Star is a great illustration of the Albanian art and culture, communist and transitory period told by young Albanian history enthousiasts which lived their childhood in the Albania of the 80ies.

Northern Albania cultural details - know more about the Kanun Albanian art - Socialist Realism and much more

 Send an email and book a visit and they will prepare a nice turkish coffee or a local Mountain Tea (Sideritis). A little taste of the local raki they make with the White Shesh (autochtonous grape) is definitely worth as well.  A very private tale of the complicated history of Albania told in a very honest way. Only 5 minutes walk from the Skanderbeg Square, easy to find at the Selvia Crossroad, Rruga e Dibres nr 261 better call or send an sms before going to + 355 68 40 58 529. 

  Artistic Enterprises of Communist Albania Great place for photography passionates Grape garden and wild biosystem two steps from Tirana downtown