The best method of getting around Papeete in terms of seeing all that there is to see is to enjoy the local public transportation which is in the form of brightly colored shuttle vans known simply as Le Truck.  Travelers interested in merely visually exploring the area should take Le Truck from Papeete all the way to the small village of Tautira.  This trip will let travelers see the coastal nature of the area and will help them to orient themselves for further internal travel.

In addition to being good as a tour guide mode of travel, Le Truck is an inexpensive method of getting from one destination to another.  For example, travelers arriving at the Faa’a International Airport ( ) can take Le Truck from the airport to their Papeete hotel destination for just over a dollar.  Travelers will likely find that combining use of Le Truck with simply walking around the areas they most wish to explore will provide them with all the means of getting around that they require.  For times when additional transportation is necessary, it is easy and safe to hail cabs in the area.  This means that it is unnecessary to rent a car; this option should be the last one considered for getting around the area.