Your entrance tickets to Machu Picchu ruins CANNOT be purchased up there at the ruins. Instead you have to get your tickets in advance. You can purchase your ticket in four different ways:

1) - Online

Go to the official Peruvian website:

You can see the availability of tickets in real time.

You can get your ticket far in advance, specially if you intend to go to Wayna Picchu (or Huayna Picchu) since only 400 people per day are allowed to go up there (2 groups of 200). This website only accepts VISA credit cards that participate in the Verified by Visa security system.

The website seems to work better if you select Spanish instead of English. If you don’t understand it, here are  some tips:

* Reservation:

First step:

-       You may select English but not the entire website is translated. So, you have to look at the left upper section at “LUGAR A VISITAR” and select your route, in this case, MachuPicchu;

-       At “SELECCIONE LA RUTA”, select what you want to purchase:

                 * “Ciudad Inka MAPI” = Machu Picchu itself;

                 * “Machupicchu y Museo” = Machu Picchu + the museum

                 * “Machupicchu-Huayna 1G 7:00” = Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu at 7:00 am (1st group ), entrance till 8:00 am

                 * “Machupicchu-Huayna 2G 10:00” = Machu Picchu + Wayna Picchu at   10:00 am (2nd group), entrance till 11:00 am

                 * "Machupicchu + Montaña" = MP plus the mountain with the same name (different from WP)

                 * "Horario vespertino 11:00 horas" = Machu Picchu visit from 1 pm in the afternoon (the "11:00 horas" part is wrong, time is 1 pm)

-       Select the date you want and how many tickets you want to buy;

Second step:

-       Click on the “step 2” button (located in the bottom of the central part);

-       Fill the form out;

-       Click on step 3. Note that in the english version of the website, this may not work and the third page may not display. If this happens, change to the SPANISH version and go through everything again.

Third step:

-       Fill out your address although this is not mandatory

-       Accept the conditions

-       Click at  “reserve generating” (and a reservation number will be given to you – write it down!!!)

Payment: (IMPORTANT! The payment may be difficult on a Mac computer! It works fine on a PC.)

-       Click on payment tab;

-       Enter your reservation code;

-       Click “pay” (they use the “Verified by Visa” tool)

- If payment is rejected ("Operacion denegada") try:

-placing a travel advisory on your account as if you are in Peru on day of purchase

-attempt purchase through a different browser such as Explorer instead of Chrome

-successful payment will read "Pago Exitoso"

Last step:

(Check in )

-       Click on “check - in” tab;

-       Enter your reservation code. If you get an error message, wait about half an hour as the payment may not have gone through. Try again within an hour.

-       Print it.

Note that the tickets are not sent to an email address but need to be printed from the screen so you need to be connected to a printer when you do this transaction.



2) -  In Cuzco

In Cuzco, visit the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC), close to Plaza de Armas … just ask around or at your hotel.

 This is the only way to get tickets for Students / minors as they will not sell them online.


3) -  In Aguas Calientes

In Aguas Calientes, go to the Machu Picchu Cultural Center. Make sure to have Peruvian Soles with you, they do not take credit cards so bring some change.


4) In Lima (or any other Peruvian city for that matter)

- After going through the initial online booking steps, before paying, you can choose to pay in any local Banco de la Nación. You will need some Spanish to talk with the bank teller/cashier. Take your reservation code and Peruvian soles as well as your ID.

 You can buy from certain appointed agencies but their prices are higher.