Yanahuara or Kjanachuara in native language, is a traditional neighborhood of Arequipa and it had been habitated by "Yanahuaras" before the Spanish Conquerors made they settlement across the river. Later on, Yanahura Church had been placed on 1750 and a new district was being grown up. Yanahura is called now:  The Beautiful and Romantic Villa of Yanahuara , beacuase the architectural heritage is conserved and it's displayed on the beautiful houses made in "sillar" (white volcanic rock), orchards  and gardens. The main square of Yanahuara is a turist attraction, here's placed the Yanahuara's Church of " Saint John the Baptist" (San Juan Bautista) and the "Yanahuara's viewpoint" (Mirador de Yanahuara), wich is a balcony and gazebo for taking a sight of the volcanoes: Misti, Chachani and Pichupichu; and it's built in sillar with several inscriptions on the arcs.


     Church of "Saint John Baptist of Yanahuara"             

     "Mirador de Yanahuara"