Teatro Municipal Santiago is the place to enjoy opera, dance and music in town. Located at Agustinas 794 in downtown, the theater’s opera season goes from March to November and features three productions per month. International opera singers such as Placido Domingo have performed on its stage.

The Municipal Ballet Company and Santiago Philarmonic Orchestra also have presentations at the theater. The program is quite eclectic with concerts of Clasical and popular music such as Flamenco, Jazz and tango. The Orchestra invites international musicians and orchestra directors for some of its productions. In the theater’s Philarmonic Hall, you can enjoy recitals of small ensembles, plays and film screenings. To have an update of the schedule for the present season, visit the theater’s website at www.municipal.cl .

Santiago’s performing arts scene includes an array of commercial and experimental theater productions that can be viewed at places such as Centro Mori, Goethe Institute Auditorium, Teatro del Parque, Sala Antonio Varas and Teatro Universidad Mayor, among other venues. The Universidad de Chile has hosted since the 60’s a prolific theatre group that has made experimentation the center of their theater activity.

For further details of shows and schedules, you can check out online at http://www.800.cl.