One of Santiago’s best kept secrets is its vibrant nightlife. Much has been said about Buenos Aires non-stop theater-club-bar-street night scene, but Santiago got everything of the best club around the world. The night begins after midnight and ends the following morning (if you dont want to go to an After Hour). There is a lot of discotheques and clubs in diferent neighborhoods: Bellavista, Suecia, Vitacura, Borderio, Providencia, etc.

The typical hour to dinner is 9-11 pm. Then you can go to a Bar/Pub 11-2 am and then .... lets go to Dancefloor till 5 am (all bars, clubs close by law at 5 am)

if you like the hyppest clubs, bars and funny people... The must are

Liguria Restaurant/Bar (Av. Providencia 1373, Providencia. 2357914). Bar/Restaurant... Its a must in Santiago. Typical chilean food with funny and extrange people.

Club La Feria. (Constitucion 275, Providencia. 7358433) Microclub (250 px) with the best Djs in Santiago. If you are lucky you can see Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Richie Hawtin or the best international Djs.U$15-30. Arrive 2-3 am.

Etniko Restaurant/ Club. (Constitucion 172, Providencia. 7320119) Near La Feria and BarConstitucion, this Asian restaurant with a Micro Dance floor have excelent House-Tech House Djs. U$15-30 (only for club) Arrive 10 pm (if you want eat)

Bar Constitucion (Constitucion 61, Providencia. 2444569) Here is the place to Start after dinner. In a award design bar, you can see the best R&B, dance, electronic artists of the moment. If you are lucky, you can see Matias Aguayo (Closer Musik) or Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) playing or drinking something. Arrive 11 pm

StreetMachine Parties (different places) The best promoters in Chile and one of the biggest in SouthAmerica. If you like a party like Ibiza, NY, London... with Groove Armada, Tiesto, Richie Hawtin, Derrick Carte this is your place. Megaparties to 15.000 px. U$ 30-200, Arrive 2-3 am

Amorio Restaurant/Bar. In the front of Etniko (Constitucion 181. 771454 Providencia)  Not a club. Its a Restaurant and Bar. Excelent choice for pre-party.

El Toro. Loreto 33, Bellavista. 7375937. Bar/Restaurant of the underground fashion. Gay friendly. Near clubs of Bellavista. Very good choice for pre-dance.


Now if you like more normal and typical places. You can go to:

Vitacura neighborhood. Here you can find a lot of clubs, restaurants and bars. One must is Lamu Lounge.  This Restaurant is in a complex of Restaurants and Clubs in Borderio (Vitacura). (Borderio: Mons. Escriva de Balaguer 6400). Very good choice if you are 30-40 years old and you like electronic music. If you like the hits of the moments and dance music you have to go to Las Urracas Club  in Vitacura 9254. In the same line is Soho Lounge  Vitacura 9331. Other recomedations in the Area: Chiguagua (Tequilas and Karaoke) Vitacura 7510. Dublin (Irish Pub)

Suecia neighborhood. In 6 blocks in calle Suecia. Here you can find a lot of clubs (dance, salsa, etc), pubs, etc.. more more cheaper than the previous recomendations. If you go in taxi you have to ask "Barrio Suecia" or "Calle Suecia". Tipical tourist place... but you have to be careful with suspect people.

Plaza San Enrique: Sala Murano (Las Condes 14950, Lo Barnechea) Big Club with the Hits of the moment.

Now a few words about Bellavista. Here you can find hyppest clubs and Bars (Constitucion Street) like La Feria, Bar Constitucion, etc.. but you can find very dangerous places too. The limit is Pio Nono Street. If you just want to relax and have a nice night, dont go to west. Women dont go alone!

When the music is over.... go to an After Hour.

Dominica54 (Dominica 54, Bellavista)


Gay Scene

Santiago have  lot of Gay clubs. The famous

Bunker. (Bombero Núñez 159, Barrio Bellavista)

Fausto (Santa Maria 0832, Providencia)

Bokhara (Pio Nono 430, Bellavista)