Villa Grimaldi is today a peace memorial dedicated to the memory of those who suffered, died or forever “disappeared” at this facility, from 1973 through 1978, as a result of the human rights abuses that occurred during the Pinochet regime.  Operated by DINA, the Chilean secret police, Villa Grimaldi saw over 4,000 prisoners, of which approximately 20% were women, pass through its gates. These prisoners suffered deprivation, physical abuse and horrific tortures. It is known that at least 229 prisoners lost their lives at the hands of their captors on this site.

As the Pinochet regime neared its end, most of the above ground structures were demolished in an effort to destroy the evidence of what took place on this site; however, through the formation of the Corporación Por La Paz Villa Grimaldi in 1996 and the help of survivors and others wishing that these human rights abuses never be forgotten nor repeated, this 2.5 acre site has been saved from development and preserved as a memorial park. Several buildings have been reconstructed based on information from those who were imprisoned here and existing foundations. There are numerous memorials and exhibits to be seen including a small museum displaying photos and personal possessions donated by families of the victims, as well as a display of items found during searches of the sea floor where the victim’s bodies were disposed.

Audio tours in Spanish and English are available. Allow approximately 1.5 hours to complete the audio tour and see all of the aspects of this memorial. Villa Grimaldi is located near the intersection of Tobalaba and Jose Arrieta in the Peñalolén neighborhood of Santiago.  Read more at