What to do in the Falklands

If you are travelling to the Falklands by cruise or expedition vessel – see Cruise day trips.

Whether you have a couple of days or longer – the relaxed, wholesome way of life in the Falklands is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

There are several tour guides and companies who offer different itineraries around the Islands – the best thing to do is to contact the guide to discuss what you are particularly interested in and then take it from there.  You can contact the tourist office before or during your visit for a good starting-point.

You can hire bikes in Stanley which means you’ll be able to get into all the little nooks and crannies of Stanley and the surrounds.

If you want to travel further afield to West Falkland or the outer islands you will have to travel by light aircraft with the Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS).

Some of the best activities to experience when in the Falklands are:

Wildlife watching

One of the biggest draws to the Falklands is the stunning (and often very bold) wildlife you will come across.

You can get out and about on various Islands under your own steam and your accommodation providers will have the best tips of where to see a penguin or two close-by if you don’t want to walk far. To see the abundance of wildlife, you are probably better organising a guide or setting up a tour as some of the best spots are on private land and accessible by a 4x4 only. Tap in to your local guide’s knowledge and learn more about the different varieties of penguin, the endemic Cobb’s wren, elephant seals, sea lions and even reindeer! The tourist office can help you with this or contact your accommodation provider before your arrival.


The fishing (particularly sea trout) in the Falklands is world class! Whether it’s just first time or you are a pro – casting out into the crystal clear waters of the Falklands is a real treat.

There are all types of fishing from different locations including coastal, river and fly fishing.

The fishing season runs from September to April and visitors do not need a license to fish but be sure to check the waterways for any specific weight limits and private land access/permission. Again – the best place to get info on this is the Jetty Centre (tourist office).

Whilst you can hire equipment from some accommodation providers it’s recommended to bring your own fishing tackle.


On foot is the best way to see the Islands. The varied terrain of the Falklands makes it a hikers’ paradise but those who enjoy a gentle stroll shouldn’t be put off! Hikers can try one of the Stanley’s mountains including Tumbledown, Longdon or Two Sisters. In camp (everywhere outside of Stanley) there are a number of great routes to explore. Accommodation providers and the tourist office can give advice on the best treks and private land access.

The Falkland Islands Museum

A really good place to visit if you want to learn more about the islands and their history is the Falkland Islands Museum in Stanley. There are some fascinating artefacts which are woven into the historical tale of how earlier Falkland Islanders struggled to survive on the remote archipelago.


The sweeping white sand beaches, crooked coastlines, beautiful wildlife and vivid sunrises/sunsets out to sea provide great material for some amazing holiday snaps but also for a more in-depth photography project. Be sure to bring a camera with you when you visit.

Whale & dolphin watching

There a few companies in the Falklands who run boat tours around the islands to view the sea life. Fourteen different species of marine mammal have been spotted and recorded in Falklands’ waters including varieties of whales and dolphins. It’s also a good way to see the more secluded spots that sea lions, penguins and elephant seals occupy.

Working Farms

Several of the accommodation providers in the Falklands are situated on farms. This is a great opportunity to experience true Falklands living and depending on the time of year – you might be able to watch the shearing or other farm activities. At Port San Carlos you can try your hand at horse riding and/or quad biking and be sure to taste some of the homemade cakes and puddings which are offered at several accommodations.