How to get to the Falkland Islands and getting around

The majority of visitors come to the Falkland Islands on board cruise and expedition vessels or with tour operators, who offer longer trips.

Independent travellers can reach the Falklands from Santiago or Punta Arenas in Chile with LAN. Flights depart every Saturday flying to and from the islands, starting in Santiago and touching down in Punta Arenas before travelling on to Mount Pleasant Airport in the Falklands. Once a month, the flight also touches down in Rio Gallegos, Argentina which means visitors can easily visit for a week from Argentina.

A small tip, when booking, you may need to ask for Mount Pleasant (MPN). You can choose any suitable route to Chile, then link from there.

UK travellers can also fly with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire to Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands. As there is only a re-fuel in Ascension Island on this route – it does make it quicker (around 20 hours including the re-fuel).  But, it is more expensive and can be less reliable as the MOD may change plans with little warning.

The international airport of Mount Pleasant is around a 50-minute drive from Stanley.

A departure tax of £22 is payable when leaving the Falkland Islands from Mount Pleasant airport. (This tax is automatically included in the MOD airfare).

Most people travel around the Falkland Islands on a light aircraft operated by the Falkland Islands Government. The flight is a great experience in itself and takes you to some of the best wildlife locations on the smaller islands.

If you are looking to get out and about by yourself you can hire a 4x4 but be sure to book in advance of your trip to ensure availability. There are two car hire companies on the islands. Usually it’s better to travel with a tour guide though as some of the best places to see are “off-road” and hire vehicles can only be driven on the road network of East Falkland.

There is a ferry which connects West Falkland to East Falkland. However, this tends to be used by locals only as there is no public transport which runs to the ferry ports though it may be possible to arrange for a tour guide or driver to take you there. For more details visit