Singapore has great public transportation. The MRT trains can get you close to any destination that you may want to visit. The maps are easy to read and everything in the MRT stations is in English. To travel by the MRT, an EZ-Link card is required.

You can choose between a reloadable EZ-Link card or a single trip card.

1. The reloadable card can be purchased from the Transitlink Ticket Office or Passenger Service Centre counters located at the MRT stations. The sales price of each card is S$12 (S$7 stored value + S$5 non-refundable card cost). 

2. Single trip tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines. The price of each single trip ticket depends on the distance/number of stations + S$1 refundable deposit.

The ticket machines can also be used to reload the value of your EZ-Link card when needed. If you purchase the single trip tickets, be sure to return them at the ticket machines (by pushing the "return deposit" button) in order to collect the S$1 refundable deposit.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Singapore Tourist Pass, a tourist pass designed for the Singapore tourist. It offers unlimited travel on the MRT system as well as on the bus networks for S$8 per day. Start early, plan ahead and it can become a real saver. For more information, go to

Taxis are generally very hard to get during peak hours (Mon-Fri 7:00am - 9:30am and Mon-Sat 5:00pm - 8:00pm) and on rainy days. If you are at a hotel, have concierge call you a taxi. If you are out about town and have access to a cell phone- calling for a taxi will cut your wait time by 20 to 30 minutes. If you can, try to use the buses or MRT trains during peak hours. If you have to get to the airport after during peak hours, you may wish to consider booking a taxi in advance. Also be aware that many taxi drivers will turn down your fare if they do not want to drive to where your destination is. However, this is illegal unless the driver can come up with a very good excuse, or he had indicated his destination before being flagged down. It is worth noting the surcharges associated with taking a taxi in Singapore, as it could add heavily to the fare, in some cases, can even exceed the fare itself.

The peak period surcharge is 35% add-on to the metered fare, a call booking is $3.50 from morning to 11pm, and $2.50 thereafter. Midnight surcharge is 50% of the metered fare.

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Good transport!