No trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to historic Raffles Hotel on the corner of Beach Road and Bras Basah Road.  Now if you want to stay here in the lap of luxury you will need deep pockets.  However you can still soak in the historical magic of the place and get the feel of the British upper class being waited on hand and foot.

On the ground floor be sure to check out the Raffles Souvenir shop, one of the world's best and classiest.  Venture further down the back and upstairs on the first floor you will find the famous Long Bar where Somerset Maughan and countless other dignataries and military figures have partaken of the signature House drink: the Singapore Sling.  Be sure to have one and shell the free peanuts provided and discard the shells onto the floor as thousands of others have done for over 150 years at this great hotel of Asia.  

If you would like to drink your Slings in the ambiance of the Hotel itself, then the Writer's Bar just inside the lobby is an excellent choice.  The piano player is wonderful, and the ambiance is worth the prices of the drinks.  By the way, don't forget to try the Million Dollar Cocktail-- made famous by Somerset Maugham.  These days it gets less attention than its more famous cousin the Sling, but is well worth a taste-- particularly if you are interested in the history of cocktails.

The pool by the rooftop in Singapore Raffles Hotel is charmingly surroundered by tropical lush and comes complete with saunas and jacuzzis.  It is open round the clock and great for a midnight swim to ease off the day's tension (but is for hotel guests only).

The hotel has various dining venues which are open to non-guests.  High Tea in the Tiffin Room is a wonderful experience. Book ahead to enjoy the ambiance and lovely afternoon tea provided.  The Courtyard is a lovely place for coffee, a drink or meal in the open air surrounded by the verandahs of Raffles Hotel.  Halia at Raffles is a quality restaurant on the North Bridge Road side of the Hotel, and Ah Teng's Bakery and the Empire Cafe are great spots for cake and coffee, or brunch. 

Unfortunately, the Raffles Hotel Museum on the 2nd floor closed in 2012.