The scenic beauty of Jurong Lake The Jurong Lake is situated near Yuan Ching Road and is just a stone's throw from the Lakeside MRT station. The lake is a huge expanse of water and the parkland that surrounds the lake is the favourite haunt of nearby residents. From the twin pagodas of the Chinese Garden you can also see the lake. Occasionally you will encounter the Malayan monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) lurking near the water edge or sunbathing on the edge of the lake. Some school kids also come here for canoeing during the weekends. NParks has built a boardwalk that juts into the lake and you can take a leisurely walk here in the cool of the day. There are fish in the lake and when the pong pong tree is in full bloom you can spot the white flowers from afar. This is a park that is ideal for courting couples in the late evening. When the moon is out in the sky the atmosphere is even more romantic.