Many people are confused about where to learn Yoga or continue their Yoga practice when they visit Singapore. There are few guidelines that you can follow here if you are a keen yogi.


Generally, if you just want to have a trial class and is a novice , then you may want to try the mega studios in the city area such as Pure Yoga which is pretty authentic in their classes. But be mentally prepared that you will be doing your practice with many others as its a mega studio and may give you the vibes that mega gyms will give you.


Mega gyms like California Fitness, Planet Fitness etc also offer yoga classes as part of their so called group X exercise classes. But again, you can step into the class with an open mind with no expectations if you are a beginner. Do take note of the level that you are going in before you step into the classes. There are too many styles to try and do not attempt those which are really strenous in nature such as the more dynamic classes. As a general rule of thumb , always check out and ask before you enter the classes.


For those who are already experienced and just want to have a trial , then you may want to try to attend classes listed by region. If your goal is to have more personal attention from the teacher, check out the various classes conducted by various places outside the city area and choose one which is located in the suburban area. 

A good area that you can try will be Yio Chu Kang which is out of the city but with lots of greenery, you can check out the various studios or teachers by going to the website to find out which are the classes offered.  Some of them include The Yoga Hub, The Himalayan Meditation Yoga Center which offer small classes.


But if you really want to have individual attention, the advice is to have a chat with the teachers and see how you feel. After that, decide whether you want to try one class with the teacher individually and you are good to go and will certainly not be confused if the teacher is qualified and able to address your concerns.


There is nothing mystical about Yoga and you need not travel far to India because of this reason. So, when you visit Singapore - try out the classes offered with your concerns in mind and you will find that this Sunny island can offer you so much more then you think.


Enjoy, Cheers...:)