The most famous of the festivals held in Cebu each year is the Sinulog festival which practically kicks off the new year in the area.  It is celebrated on the third Sunday of January each year to honor the patron saint of the area, Santo Nino.  The celebration is a combination of a religious ceremony, a daily feast, a dance party and a street fair.  In recent years, it has grown to be associated with such worldwide party events as Mardi Gras or Carnival.  There are activities to be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it is recommended that children are watched carefully as things sometimes do get out of control during Sinulog.  More information about safety in Cebu at this time and throughout the year is online at .

Other annual events which are important in Cebu include:

  • Cebu City Charter Day in February which includes a military parade.
  • Tres de Abril in April which reenacts historic events in the area.
  • Chinese Moon Festival in October which includes paper dragon parades and fireworks.
  • Paskushan which is Cebu’s version of the Christmas season and includes parades and the singing of Christmas carols throughout all of Cebu.