Travelers generally opt to rent a car upon arrival in Cebu, usually choosing to do so at the airport if arriving by plane.  This is frequently done because travel from the airport requires getting across a bridge and visitors generally find that self-transport via rental car is the way to go.  (Additional information about airport arrival is available at )

Travelers opting not to rent a car in Cebu usually find that a combination of walking and taking local taxis will help them to get to the locations where they want to be.  Travelers staying nearby the major attractions of Cebu frequently find that it is possible to walk to those locations easily and comfortably.  Visitors travel to Cebu all throughout the year because the temperature rarely changes in the area (see for more information about the weather there) and generally find it comfortable enough weather-wise for walking.

Taxis are available both from the airports and throughout Cebu.   Travelers can call taxis in advance to make arrangements for travel at specific times or can hail taxis on the streets if Cebu.   The former method is generally considered to be easier than the latter, especially if time constraints are an issue.